V-Tee Week Kick-Off

What do all women have in common? 

We all own jeans and a white v-neck shirt!  

(If you happen to be feeling left out, go to your local Target and buy one for $8, or any variety of stores most all of which consider them standard.)

In celebration of the great v-neck, this week will be declared V-Tee Week, where each day I will use it (along with some jeans) in a fun and versatile way to highlight it's greatness!

Today we begin with a preppy look, conservative and cute, also with great day-to-night use.  The main points of comfort here are in the flat shoes and easy styling!!

V-Neck week Pretty Preppy


  1. love it all minus the shoes...not my style but I can totally see you rocking them:)

  2. I heart v-neck tees. Could live in them! Great post idea.

  3. My favorite V-neck is from American Apparel. It's the unisex fine jersey short sleeve v-neck. It is my most favorite fit and I have it in several colors.

    Those turtle earrings rock.

  4. I love this look. I'm considering ordering the shoes!
    The turtle earrings are Paige all the way.