Retro Swimwear

One trend I am loving lately on the beach is the vintage inspired swimwear.  I feel like the cuts are a bit more flattering to all body types, and allow much more coverage for swimming and other beach activities.

Here are some of the cute looks I have been loving lately.

Retro Swimwear


Color Focus: Lemonade

Summer is here!!  I love seeing the change in colors of the seasons, especially with summer (that spells out vacation)!

Yellow is such a happy, bright shade, you can't help but feel a little lighter and ready for fun.  Pair with whites for a fun look, and an excellent pair with your tan! :)

Color Focus: Yellow


Birthday Wishes

I cannot believe it is going to be July already!  I love that July always means summer, the beach, and my birthday too!

Here are some of the things I am loving, and would love for my birthday!

Birthday Wishlist