Retailer Reviews: GAP

One store I have a strong love/hate connection with is GAP.  What I love are the traditional looks, staple pieces, and awesome sales.  What I don't love is the fit (and price) of their jeans, their inability to make cute dresses, and often too conservative lines.

Lately I have had to eat my words, and I am loving some of the new spring looks, especially the emphasis on white!

A dress!

Awesome blue maxi 

Light scarf- perfect for summer  

 Cute shoes!!

The key with GAP is to never pay full price! There are always 20-30% off coupons on a weekly basis so keep your eye out for those.

((As a side note as well, I always love the Baby Gap for my boys!))



Check out this website for a phenomenal giveaway, a FREE swimsuit!

Pink Desert features swimsuits that are full coverage and more modest cuts.  They are so much easier to sport at the pool or beach without having to worry, tug, and pull at the whole time! I have one of the suits from seasons past and it has remained in fabulous shape and looks like new.

My personal favorites from this year's lineup are:

Who knows, maybe someday we'll do another giveaway here too... ;)


Fun Finds

I am a sucker for a good deal, especially when it is something I feel will last me a long time or is particularly useful.  One such item I have been looking for is a leather jacket.  My criteria was that it must be cropped (not past the waist), brown, and ideally not real leather.  (I am not the biggest animal advocate in the world but I don't like the idea of using their skins at all for fashion, so faux was the way to go).

The biggest difficulty with faux-leather is the quality.  Better quality equals a better smell, feel, and durability.

After a fun weekend of shopping with my MIL I am happy to report a successful find from Nordstrom that I couldn't be happier with! (except for maybe when I saw a cute teenager with the same coat at church :) )


Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 6- Lace

There is nothing quite as feminine and soft-looking as lace.  It adds a clean pattern and texture without overdoing it, and instantly creates a more formal and classic look.

Here are some great pieces, some with larger amounts of lace, others with less to function well at any occasion.

Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 6


Road Trip

I can't tell you how many times I have been on long road trips... As a kid we used to drive 12 hours to my Grandparent's house, as a teen we flew overseas at least twice a year, and as an adult I have logged many more miles by car.  I used to take the minimalist, comfortable route when it came to long distance travel, but through time I found that showering and putting myself together made for a much better trip, not to mention arrival.

I tell myself, just because you're on the road, doesn't mean you can't look good!

Here are some great, comfy pieces that are practical for travel and great for an entrance.

Road Trip


Manic Monday

I am definitely not a morning person, ever.  In the scheme of a week, monday is like the morning of the days.  I do my best to be productive and motivated, and what better motivation to get going than to have a great outfit!

Here are some of my favorite "pick-me-up" looks that help shake off the lazy feeling.

Monday Blues


Code of Conduct

Every one of us has rules for how we dress and put ourselves together.  Some of these rules take form as a motherly voice inside our heads telling us the do's and don'ts of helpful (or critical) advice.

To prove that I am indeed human and not perfect (as if there were any doubt) here are some of my practical, irrational, and personal "rules" and quirks of dressing.

What are yours?! Come on, share away :)

I don't wear polka dots.  If you see me wearing them it was an accident or not by choice.

I'm not a huge fan of fur.  I find the real stuff a little inhumane and the fake stuff a little tacky

My downfall is pajamas.  I love pajamas.  Often they are hand-me-down shirts from my husband.

When I am blonde I love to wear black. When I am brunette I don't wear it at all.

I don't like purple. I feel like it washes me out.

I love buying pants.  I have a much harder time buying tops.

Agree? Disagree?


Love To Lust

Just in case I happen to come into a large amount of money, I often have a "lust list" in my mind of clothes I would love.

Here are some of those things on my current list. 

Loving the color and the fit

Crisp and fresh white, easy to wear

I love the stripes, tie, and great hi-low hemline

Dying to wear this with skinny jeans!