Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 4

.Making it easier to stand out in a crowd
.Brightening your mood
.Functioninal both day and night
.Guaranteeing a pop of color in every look

These are only some of the best parts about today's Easy Wardrobe Update, featuring Neon. I'm sure we've all been burned by bad 80's looks of the past, but the new neon features subtle uses of color, limited patterns, and neutral accessories for balance.

Below are featured some of the best neon looks in tops, jeans, skirts, shoes, and accessories. If you feel timid, approach from the accessories angle, working in just a little at a time.

(Note: the pink jeans featured also come in petite and plus!)

Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 4

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited because I got a neon iphone case for Christmas!
    Who knew I was so fashion-forward(thanks to Kenz).