Work It Wednesday: Color of the Year

This year's "Color of the Year" is tangerine orange.  Orange has often been on my "do not wear" list, but the sweet and bright tangerine has definitely changed that opinion.  One thing I love about it as well is the seamless transition from spring to summer.

If you are feeling timid, pair one of the bright accessories with a more neutral top.  Even better, use it as an awesome shade of nail polish!
Tangerine Dream


Suiting Up

The sun is shining, it is warm outside, and it's time for the pool and beach!!

Is it just me, or are there so many more cute swimsuits than there used to be?  Now that I am a converted California girl (5+ years!) I have a good sized collection of swimsuits, regular size, maternity, just-had-a-baby suits, and nursing suits; one-piece, two-piece, tankini, etc.  My poor husband just rolls his eyes every time I buy another... "But I don't have a good one-piece in THIS size!"

Here are some I have bought recently or have been drooling over!



Outfit Inspiration

Is there anything better than the beach?  I doubt it!  One thing I love about summer is spending time by the ocean and drawing inspiration from all things nautical.  ((As a sidenote: I happened to walk through Pottery Barn the other day and was completely in nautical heaven!!))

It feels like blue is everywhere this season, and taking a note from nature, so are waves and whimsical watercolors of blue.

Here are some of the best and budget-friendly.  Some are a little over my $100 limit, but I couldn't resist!
Seaside Dreaming


Happy Easter

Happy Easter! From my dress, to yours :)

I was beyond excited when I found this dress at BR and it fit like a dream.  I haven't had an Easter dress since I can remember! I opted out of having a hat and gloves though like I used to.

Do you buy new dresses for holidays?


Runway to Everyday

I love fashion week.  It brings so much excitement to the fashion world, and such a fun blend of new and retro fashion.  My particular favorites are one's which combine the two in new ways (for example floral print combined with skinny jeans).
Often times it feels a little inaccessible for us normal people, but over the months you can see the designer's inspiration and concepts making their way into regular clothing.