Work it Wednesday

(Every wednesday we will take some inspiration from a retail website, magazine, or even photos of real women to help recreate a really fabulous, stylish look, and, as always, in an affordable way!)

This week's "Work it Wednesday" comes from Nordstrom's BP department, one of my personal favorite looks of colored denim.  (I about died when I saw the look, considering I had been sporting it as my "uniform"-easy go-to outfit- for the last few months). Like any form of denim, it requires a good fit but is much more interesting than the shades of muted blue!

If you click on the Nordstrom photo you will be shown all the pieces and cost which- true to BP form- are good prices anyways!
Here are some additional items with the same style.  I even included a plus size pair of jeans because red looks great on everyone.
Red Pants


  1. As a male I think red pants are hot!

  2. At what size red pants not be worn?

  3. LOVE your blog. :) I'm definitely going to try working it in RED pants.

  4. Paige. Love the red pants :) I shared your new blog with my kid blog followers on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toddler-Approved/179029702145360

  5. It totally bought those red jeans from Delias and I LOVE THEM! Thanks for the tip.