Work it Wednesday- Prints

With the beginning of spring comes all the great bright, vibrant prints.  Runway shoes are littered with eye-catching hues and bold patterns that can make any look instantly glamorous.

The best part about prints is that they make an outfit.  With a fun print you can go minimal on the accessories while still looking well put-together.

The above celebrity looks are tons of fun, but here are some more practical looks for us non-famous folks.

Work it Wednesday- Prints

I am loving the poodle print scarf especially, and I don't even like dogs (its sad, but true).

And here is a dressier option as well....

Work it Wednesday Prints, dresses

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  1. I have been looking for a good beach hat and I kind of love that floppy hat. I think I might have to go check it out even though I have shopped at wet seal since I was 15!!