Maternity Week Day 2: Rules of Conduct

Maternity dressing, historically, has not been a pretty sight.  It seems not much over a century ago women often went nearly into hiding to avoid going out and looking pregnant.

Here are some helpful tips on do's and don'ts, all working toward developing a great pregnant look!


-Wear tops tying in front at an empire waist, especially in a bow- your belly is not a wrapped gift! Just throw that bow away, or even use a skinny belt in its place

- Sport shirts that are too short- showing the belly underneath 

-Give up and just wear pajamas and sweat pants every day

-Have a shirt with a slogan about the baby, being pregnant, or your hormones.  Not so much cute

-Cut your hair short!!! Resist the urge. Longer haircuts are universally more flattering and slimming.


-Wear horizontal stripes... don't be afraid!

-Substitute some well constructed (non-see thru) leggings in place of sweat pants for comfort

- Incorporate contemporary styles into your look

-Shop non-maternity. When it fits, it fits! The size on the label doesn't matter, fit matters

-Have an all black look.  It is slimming after all, and very chic

-Wear fun, colorful prints

-Play up accessories. And best of all, accessories can be worn at all sizes! Layer with scarves when possible as well

-Wear pants that fit. Tops can look great oversized, but pants do not

-Belt a high waist.  Pull it in at your smallest point without the tired bow look.

-Incorporate (sensible) heels when possible

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