Hair Do Review

Remember this post about the new updo attempt for church? Here is what I thought...

First of all, the greatest lesson I learned was that the look would be ideal for thicker hair, or even shorter hair. My long and then thin hair at the time made for thinner, longer braids than the tutorial pictured.

Also, I need darker bobby pins!

I really loved having my hair all up off my neck, and I loved the face-framing effect with the braids.  I would give the updo a 6 out of 10 for ease to make (I had to redo the braids and wrapping a few times, and it is always hard to see the back of your head), and a 7 out of 10 for total look. It did fall out a bit over the next couple hours, but I'm sure I could have sprayed it a bit more.

The main hang-up was the stringy hair, and since my most recent haircut last week I think it would be worth a second try!

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