Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 2

One of my favorite trends is colorblocking.  It makes the outfit look bright, cheerful, and modern.  I have seen some great colorful outfits coordinating all the items, but I find it much simpler to use a colorblocked top with simple jeans or pants.  It is a quick way to update your look with one piece.
Easy Wardrobe Updates Volume 2- Colorblocking

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  1. Dear Paige. i love your blog idea! You definitely are one of the most fashionable and comfortable moms I have ever seen. I'm now going through the stage of teenage mom, wanting to dress fashionably and comfortably but not looking like I'm trying too hard to look young yet so against a lot of what the older crowd ends up wearing. ugh. Good luck with your journey as I work on mine! Sure do love you... Aunt Margaret