Fun Finds

I am a sucker for a good deal, especially when it is something I feel will last me a long time or is particularly useful.  One such item I have been looking for is a leather jacket.  My criteria was that it must be cropped (not past the waist), brown, and ideally not real leather.  (I am not the biggest animal advocate in the world but I don't like the idea of using their skins at all for fashion, so faux was the way to go).

The biggest difficulty with faux-leather is the quality.  Better quality equals a better smell, feel, and durability.

After a fun weekend of shopping with my MIL I am happy to report a successful find from Nordstrom that I couldn't be happier with! (except for maybe when I saw a cute teenager with the same coat at church :) )

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  1. super cute! and a great deal makes it even cuter:)