Work it Wednesday- Mints for Everyone

With the beginning hints of spring we are seeing some more fresh, bright colors.  One of the main "hot" colors of the season is mint green.  It is such a fun, lively color and is universally flattering as well, when done the right way.  Here are several mint alternatives for different skin tones:

For darker skin and hair, try lighter shades.  It will help accentuate the warm tones of tan skin.
For medium skin and hair, try any shades of mint!  It will look especially crisp when paired with pure white.
For lighter skin and hair, try pairing a light mint with a dark mint, or even a blue of a similar tone. It will help balance it out without washing you out!

Fresh Mint

If you are feeling timid, there are always great accessories to pair with a neutral ensemble.

Fresh Mint Accessories


  1. Love, love, love. This post looks delicious! I need me some mint jeans and those mint earrings and scarf!

  2. Love it too! I want mint clothes now!