Maternity Week Day 4: All Dressed Up

One of the most difficult outfits to coordinate while pregnant is the dressed-up look. It seems nearly impossible to find dresses that do not make you look even bigger, or that too heavily reflect dated styles.  The common mistake as well is to find something that fits loosely, which in turn only makes you look larger.

The key with dressing up is finding a well fitting style without it being too snug.  It may be helpful to find a piece that accentuates a great feature (like thin arms, legs, or decolletage) while maintaining a slimmed silhouette.  In many ways maternity dressing is like non-maternity, just with a large bump in the middle!

Here are some great dresses, maximizing style and minimizing frump.
Maternity Week Dresses

As an alternative to dresses, pairing a skirt with a great top can be very easy as well, not to mention versatile with the use of several different tops.

Maternity Week skirt

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