Work it Wednesday- Easy Hair

One aspect of my look I have always struggled with is my hair! As a child it was soft and dark blonde, with waves, while now it has become dull ash brown with frizzy curls.  I have cut it short, medium, and long, with/without bangs, and experimented with colors dark and light.
For me the ultimate look is one that is easy to maintain while looking great. No-brainer, right? Isn't that what we all want?  However running a busy and very active life requires ease in style and an out-of face quality.  I have developed a few easy hairstyles that work for me, and I think this one in particular would work for everyone and all hair types.  
The idea is to do a reverse french braid (meaning, that instead of pulling the piece in front and layering on top, you put in underneath), starting with top sections of hair and adding a piece each time; reapeated both sides.  Occasionally I will make a chignon bun at the end, but I find the ponytail to be a bit simpler with my long hair. The best part about this look is the versatility.  I wore it one day with the kids then straight to work, where I received many compliments.

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