Complete Your Outfit

Today's guest blogger Courtney returns with some great tips on how to take a regular outfit to the next level in a few easy steps. Thanks, Courtney!

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s What Not to Wear, you know how much Clinton and Stacey emphasize the importance an outfit – not just pants and a shirt, but an actual outfit that has been given some thought with pieces of clothing that actually make sense together. At the end of putting together any outfit, they also almost always talk about a “completer” piece. Sometimes this completer piece is a jacket or cardigan, and sometimes it is a piece of jewelry. 

For me, one of my favorite, go-to completer pieces is a necklace. The simple addition of a necklace always seems to bring a look together for me. Depending on what you’re wearing, a statement necklace or a simple pendant could be a great way to complete your outfit. I love the collar necklace with something more basic, like a tee or plain sheath dress. And for me, a layered pendant goes with just about anything. It really is my go-to piece of jewelry for any outfit.
Completer Pieces
Yellow gold necklace
$18 - nordstrom.com

Chunky necklace
$16 - nordstrom.com

Dangling jewelry
$12 - nordstrom.com

LOFT long chain necklace
$35 - loft.com

Collar necklace
$48 - anthropologie.com

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  1. I LOVE all these necklaces. Great ideas Courtney!