My Life as Mom

One thing I can't stand is my non-photogenic nature (have you ever seen the Friend's episode about Chandler and trying to take engagement pics? Yeah, that's me) but I do love piecing together a great outfit with super cheap items and marrying fashion with functionality.

Here are two of my go-to outfits lately, one that represents some awesome deals and one that works well for my everyday life while still looking good. 

As far as keeping things inexpensive goes, the general idea I follow is finding a look I like and recreating it. It starts a part at a time while following sales and in some cases, being very very patient.

 Coat- BP at Nordstrom $35, Tank top- $3 at Target, Pleated Capris- $25 at Gap, Loafers- $20 at American Eagle, Braided Belt- $2.50 at Forever 21

The second most important criteria for me is comfort level.  I have to be able to get dressed in the morning and keep in on through the days activities.  While it would be amazing to spend every day in gym clothes at the park with my kids, I find putting myself together creates a snowball effect of confidence in myself, my abilities as a mom, and also motivates me to work out. Win win win!

My secret weapon of this outfit is the wedge oxfords.  Wedges are much more comfortable but still give height and length.

What tricks or tips do you follow for a great comfortable outfit while keeping the price low?  

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  1. Those shoes look so cute. Please tell me where you got them. You are adorbs and I would love to Sponser and maybe doa a giveaway or post? Let me know what you would like.