History of Mom Jeans

I remember a time when it seemed like every woman who had a child had a certain wardrobe.  It was almost as if the hospital gave you a new set of clothes upon the arrival of your baby that would guarantee the entire world would know you had made the switch from childless to being permanently covered in stains.
Words that make me cringe:
-drop crotch
-tapered at the ankle.

I don't think anyone has ever made an attempt to claim these are flattering on anyone.

Lucky for us, jeans are in a great place right now.  When you turn 40 you are not confined to high-waisted jeans and sweater sets! While low-rise, belly-baring styles may be all the rage in high school, there are plenty of other better-looking and more stylish alternatives.

Some jeans I am loving right now are flare or wider bootcut jeans. The best part is both styles are universally appealing on all body types and for a wide variety of age groups.  I do agree however that not all brands fit everyone, but here are some ideas on how they can be styled with correctly fitting jeans.

Flares at twenty

How to wear flares at thirty

Flares at fourty

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  1. I meant to post it here - what about flares at 50?
    Let's not forget that many women stay fashionable far past their child-bearig years!